Threshold Adult Support Services provides supports to adults with developmental disabilities and mental health related needs. We specialize in community inclusion focused services including day programs, group respite, overnight respite, recreation classes, in home support services and housing placements. Many of our services are also available for children and youth.

By working together, our community is




Our services are all delivered within a person centered planning approach. This means that our goal is to prioritize each participant's unique goals, support needs and interests to facilitate an individualized program within each support service. We strive to build support our participants in forming genuine life long relationships with peers, support staff and community members to create solid, lifelong support networks.



Families, loved ones and other members of individuals' personal support networks play crucial roles in ensuring individuals receive service that are right for their unique abilities and support needs. We encourage family involvement in case planning, service selection and ongoing input. 


Our community partners help make the services we provide possible for our participants. All of our services are delivered with a focus on community inclusion. Community accessible includes physical access, intellectual access and equal access for all. As an agency we strive to provide services that enhance the community of Fredericton, and help develop strong community connections for our participants. 

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