Programs for Kids and Teens                

Group REspite

The group respite is available afterschool and/or on weekends. Sessions include small groups of 3-6 children/teens who are lead by community support workers. Sessions are spent participating in recreational community activities like swimming, rock climbing, library time, indoor play structures, crafts, and other outings. The purpose of group respite is to provide respite care for families with children who may have support needs that prevent them from thriving in a traditional after school/weekend program environment. 

Animal Therapy

Animal Therapy is a group therapy program during which children and teens participate in guided interactions with animals with the support of a community support worker. Sessions are typically two hours in length and involve between two and five participants. Threshold Community Support Services has a variety of therapy animals including rabbits, cats and therapy dogs. In addition to our own support animals we also partner with local organizations to provide access to other therapy animals. 

Overnight Respite

This program is available for children and youth who may require specialised support when away from their primary caregivers overnight. Overnight respite can be tailored to suite the unique abilities and needs of each child enrolled. Medication administration, personal care, transportation to and from school, healthy meals and recreational
activities are just some of the typical services provided during sessions.

Summer Respite

Our Summer Respite program operates exactly the same as our group respite services during the school year. However, the hours and rates are adjusted to make all day services available Monday to Friday. Morning pick up can be scheduled any time between 745am and 930am and drop off at the end of the day can be scheduled between 330pm and 545pm. In addition to our regular daily activities, we include longer day trips in the summer respite program. 

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